Continuing Education Courses

Learn from experienced educators to further enhance your skills and increase your bottom line.

The Professional of Tomorrow is learning Today

The speed at which the health, wellness, and fitness industries are expanding demands a new level of continuing education for all members of our industry.

At HWFP, we are dedicated to helping you expand and maintain your skillset with courses ranging from massage therapy to personal training to nutrition to business.

It is our hope that by offering the best CE options available we can not only help to build your practice, but also contribute to the greater health of those around us. 

Our Courses

F.I.T. (Functional Innovative Training)

Learn one-of- a-kind self-care techniques and healthy habits that will empower you to achieve a healthier lifestyle. This course includes the discussion and participation of Nutrition, Stretching/Flexibility, Muscle Strength/Endurance, Balance, Cardio, and Body Composition.

How to Stretch Your Client

Immediately boost your existing practice with the fully body stretching techniques presented in this hands-on course. Together, we will discuss the science of stretching and flexibility, easy-to- follow protocols to apply to your sessions, proper body mechanics, and indications/contraindications of manual ROM.

Protecting Your Assets: Self-Defense for Massage Therapists/Health Care Professional

This class will give you the confidence to be alone with a new client in your establishment and at their home or hotel. I will teach you HOW TO TREAT YOUR CLIENT AND PROTECT YOURSELF with the understanding of situational awareness, body language, communication threats, how anything can become a weapon and how to apply easy self-defense techniques to control any situation. In this class, the student will perform massage strokes and techniques, as well as ROM techniques. Using these particular massage techniques allows the massage therapist to be able to handle many situations in an effective style of massage.

Longevity in your Career as a Massage Therapist: Injury Prevention and Body Mechanics

Learn how to balance Health and Well Being to enjoy a long lasting career! This class will demonstrate ways a therapist can survive this career for decades!! Too often we hear of the professional not being able to handle the physical demands "the job" puts on the body. These tips will make your life so much easier and more efficient sessions. Your clients will be able to appreciate the difference in YOU!

Therapeutic Treatment to Eliminate Stress & Tension Headaches

Learn a treatment specific to head, neck, shoulders and upper back to relieve headache pain from stress & tension. Learn muscle groups that hold stress & tension causing headaches Learn lifestyle factors that cause headaches. Techniques to eliminate stress & tension. Learn of specific topicals that aid in relief.

Intro to Sports Massage Treatments

This course brings awareness and a no-nonsense massage that aims to stretch tight muscles, stimulate inactive muscles and improve soft tissue condition. Sports Massage can enable a body to move more freely with more flexibility and in time can improve posture. It enhances performance, assists recovery and prevents injury.

Deep Tissue: The Right Way (with Functional Stretching)

Deep Tissue is a term known throughout the profession.  Here you will learn what this really means through proper strokes, depth, direction, and lotion distribution to effectively perform Deep Tissue Massage in this hands-on course. Led by a Board Certified Massage Therapist, this course will prepare you to manipulate tissue, effectively communicate with your client, and exercise proper draping techniques per client type. Functional Stretching included will facilitate and enhance wellness for your client.