Corporate Wellness

Teaching others how to bring health, wellness, & fitness into our everyday lives—no matter the location.

Create a healthier workplace!

The phrase “Corporate Wellness” sounds like it applies to large companies with significant workforces—but that is not necessarily true! Over time, the pace of any modern workforce can hinder employee productivity at businesses of any size.

At HWFP, we have created a special set of educational programs that focus on the wellbeing of workers at YOUR business—and we will come to you to teach them!

Whether it is learning more about the benefits of massage therapy, self-care, self-defense, nutrition, or exercise, our instructors are there to look out for the health of your employees, so they can look out for the health of your enterprise.

Material Covered

Health, Wellness, & Fitness Seminars
Lifestyle changes
Stress Management
Chair Massage

Integrative Nutrition
Strength & Stretching
Health & Wellness Coaching for Self-Care

Contact us today and we will put together a program that meets the needs of your workforce! Courses are available in a wide variety of formats, ranging from 30-minute “Lunch & Learn” sessions to 1-day workshops.